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The last two years have changed lives across the world. Wherever you are in your faith journey, we have created resources to help you connect with, engage with, and love God’s Word. Because now, as much as ever, the Bible shines a light in the darkness, brings hope in times of despair, and shows us the God who created all things, and wants us to know Him.

embrace god's word

The challenges in the last two years have looked different from one individual to the next. In the midst of the upheaval, the one thing that remains constant is the truth, urgency and necessity of God’s Word. There are different ways we can engage with these words, and we have provided resources that will help you in your personal devotion as you contemplate the impact of this pandemic, and God’s work through it.

An End to the Darkness is a 10-part series which explores some of the complex but timely themes of suffering from the book of Job. A printed study guide has been created to accompany the audio drama.

trauma healing

beyond disaster: a survivor's guide for spiritual first aid

Beyond Disaster is a free-to-download, Bible-based resource that encourages us to bring our emotions to God in times of crisis.

Originally developed to address urgent needs in the aftermath of natural or human-caused disasters, the contents are hugely helpful “spiritual first aid” for whenever we are struggling with things that have happened in our lives.

Based on the globally proven model of Trauma Healing, Beyond Disaster gives practical and Biblical help.

bible study

daily devotionalS

At different points throughout the year we invite you to focus in on different themes. Through video, podcasts and reflections, we invite you to take time to dwell on the Bible passages and go deeper with Bible 2020.

bible study


Equip is a collection of resources designed to provide encouraging, engaging and thought-provoking Bible studies, whether it’s for your own devotions or for online home group Bible Studies

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Throughout this year, we’re encouraging the Scottish church to be part of Bible 2020, a global movement of people speaking the words of the Bible for the whole earth to hear. Even when we aren’t able to meet up with our church, Bible 2020 connects us with the local and the global church community.


the outspoken bible

In this accompaniment to the Bible 2020 app, we join friends Fiona Stewart, Neil Glover and Jen Robertson as they catch up online and chat about the Bible verses they are reading using the Bible 2020 app. In these troubled times, how does the Bible speak to us? And how do we respond to God’s word during this time of lockdown?

latest episode

  • Episode Thirteen | Hope in Suffering 00:00



light & life - the life of jesus according to john

Light and Life is the life story of Jesus as told by John, an eyewitness, and companion of Jesus. As you read its pages, discover a life-transforming story of passion and betrayal, life and death, and a promise of eternity for all who believe



This Mark’s Gospel is a great introduction to the Bible for those who haven’t engaged with it before. Featuring large, contemporary images and a fresh magazine style layout.


Whether you are at home with your own, video chatting with grandchildren and godchildren, or preparing a kids slot for Zoom church, we want to be ensuring that our loved ones are being taught about God and the Bible in relevant and engaging ways. We have prepared daily conversation starters and more in depth resources for children and all-age settings.

Joseph and the Triumph of Grace is a new, all-age Bible adventure in the book of Genesis, featuring exciting comic book illustrations by Jason Ramasami.

Follow Joseph, a young man who discovers God’s presence is with him, even when things go wrong!

church resources

bible world books

Free to download powerpoint presentations telling the story of Jesus with dynamic, original illustrations.
We have started presenting these presentations as short films that you can use in church services and Sunday Schools. Keep up to date with new content being released by liking our page on Facebook.

featured presentations

David and Goliath
The Good Samaritan
jesus feeds a crowd

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Keep up to date with resources we’re creating for individuals and the church during this time, as well as finding out about the wider work of Scottish Bible Society.

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The Scottish Bible Society aims to provide resources, training and advice to encourage better understanding of, and deeper engagement with, the Bible

We have compiled resources which can help you and your loved ones stay in close relationship with God. These resources also equip all who are engaging in virtual community to stay close to one another.

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