Day Four – Faith in the midst of change


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When our lives and our plans don’t turn out as we were expecting, it can be a very disorientating time.

Joseph knew what that felt like. 

What must it have been like for Joseph to hear the news that Mary was pregnant? His character shines through. In the midst of this unexpected event, Joseph takes time to consider the law, and to consider Mary. His love and care for her foremost in his thoughts even in the midst of what must have felt like an appalling betrayal and loss. 

Then God speaks. And the situation is turned entirely around. But notice Joseph had to wait for this revelation. Joseph’s part is revealed – he is to be a father to this son of God, a husband to Mary. God has planned the details carefully for the life of this Son of David – the sex, the name and the purpose of this child is revealed. And what a purpose: “He will save his people from their sins”.

God’s words to Joseph echo through the millennia to us today, and they are particularly appropriate if like Joseph, our life and plans are not going the way we expected: “Do not be afraid”. We can face today and tomorrow without fear, because God is in control of all the details, and because he has sent his son Jesus, to save us from our sins. 

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