Countdown to a Christmas you will want to remember

Countdown to Christmas with ten days of discovery and creativity as you read the story of the very first Christmas in the Bible.

We’ve put together a pack of ten activity cards that help families interact with the Christmas story as told in the Gospel of Luke. Through short daily readings, activities, and a specially produced 3 minute long daily podcast, households will be able to pause and reflect on what Christmas really is about.

Every card shows on the front the Christmas Window adding more and more elemnts as you go on this Advent journey together. On the back you are told which new element to draw or colour in to stick on your window. By the end they will have created a nativity scene for the neighbourhood to see and ponder on the peace and hope that Christians today know and trust, because of what happened when Christ entered into our world.  

While we have closed our main orders, we can currently fulfil orders of 50+ cards.

Make your own Christmas Window

Jump in every day to read a short bit of the nativity story together, listen to the podcast, and put together your own Christmas Window.


Print at home templates for your Christmas Windows

Print at Home

If you would like to download the cards to print at home, just fill out the form below:

Daily Podcast

Alongside Christmas Windows packs, there will be a daily podcast. Join your host, Fiona Stewart, as she gets ready for a different kind of Christmas, prepares her window with you, and listens along to the daily reading. The podcast will help parents and children engage with the passage, ask big questions, and pause for a moment to consider what this first Christmas means to them now.

Put together your pack!

We’ve put together a list of materials you will need for your Christmas windows. If you are making up packs for others, why not get creative (and generous!) Make the bags a special treat to open the door to, and make sure you give clear indication about who you are, and how each family can get involved!

Share your windows!

Churches across Scotland are getting involved with Christmas Windows – delivering gifts of fun, activity, and good news to hundreds of families this Advent.

We’d love to see how you’re getting on! Whether you’re packing your bags, off on a delivery, or admiring the Christmas Windows around your neighbourhood – tag us on Facebook and show us how you are bringing Christmas Windows to your community!

We have compiled resources which can help you and your loved ones stay in close relationship with God. These resources also equip all who are engaging in virtual community to stay close to one another.

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Countdown to a Christmas you will want to remember

Thanks for your interest in Christmas Windows! Don’t forget to take a photo of your windows and post it online for everyone to see!