Christmas Gifts

Buy Bible-based books for all ages, to help your loved ones explore the life transforming news of God’s word.

Encounter Jesus in a new way with Light & Life, a contemporary, magazine-style gospel.

Light & Life uses the easy-to-read NIV translation of the Bible, ideal for those who are not familiar with reading scripture.

£1 per copy including P&P

Buckle up for seven days of all-age adventure as we explore the Christmas Story with Christmas Journeys!

Each pack comes with a colourful world map, star stickers and daily activity cards.

£1 per pack including P&P

Follow the story of a young man named Joseph as he discovers God’s presence with him, even when things go wrong!

Joseph and the Triumph of Grace is a book of two halves, featuring the story of Joseph in exciting comic book illustrations followed by an easy to read translation of the Book of Genesis.

£4 per copy

Theo has received some letters from his friend, Luke. The story they contain will change the world.

Luke has been investigating the life, death and, amazingly, the resurrection of a man named Jesus.

Read Luke’s account of Jesus actions and the activities of his followers in Dear Theo: Letters to a Friend.

Bibleworld Books contain colourful illustrations and simple text to help young children enjoy Bible stories.

This pack features the two special edition books for Christmas – Mary and the Angel and Jesus is Born.

Available for £5

We have compiled resources which can help you and your loved ones stay in close relationship with God. These resources also equip all who are engaging in virtual community to stay close to one another.

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