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Are you planning a nativity play this Christmas?

Look no further than “A New King”, our brand new nativity play. It comes with a regal twist, and opportunities for lots of actors to get involved in the production.

Bring people of all ages together with our “Intergenerational Christmas Gatherings”.

The two themes provide plenty of ideas to create your own event as you explore the Christmas story together.

Are you looking for Christmas activities for younger children?

Get outside and explore the Christmas Story together using our resources designed for children in primaries 1-3. They are interactive, fun and easy to use.

Christmas Pocketbook

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A New King

Light & Life

Encounter Jesus in a new way with Light & Life, a contemporary, magazine-style gospel.

Light & Life uses the easy-to-read NIV translation of the Bible, ideal for those who are not familiar with reading scripture.

We have given great thought to the design, images and layout to help the reader discover this world-changing book in a fresh way – whether it’s your first time reading, or have known this story for many years.

 The A4 format makes the book look and feel like a magazine, making it easy to store in a bag and take out wherever you go.

At £4 for two copies, why not buy one for you and one for a friend who hasn’t yet heard the stories of the one true light?

Joseph and the Triumph of Grace

If you are looking for an entertaining gift that helps young people engage with the Bible, we highly recommend Joseph and the Triumph of Grace at only £4 per copy.

Containing exciting comic book illustrations and an easy to read translation of the Book of Genesis, Joseph and the Triumph of Grace follows the life of a young man as he discovers that God’s presence is with him, even when things go wrong!

There is also a suite of accompanying resources available to download – including short films and chat sheets.

We have compiled resources which can help you and your loved ones stay in close relationship with God. These resources also equip all who are engaging in virtual community to stay close to one another.

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