discover God’s grace in the book of Genesis

Grace Gatherings is a new resource designed to help you, your church, family and friends to discover God’s grace through nine stories from the book of Genesis.

Each session contains simple activities, questions and opportunities for conversations as people meet together to talk about the Bible.

The nine stories are:

  • Creation
  • The Fall
  • Cain and Abel
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Babel
  • Abraham and Sarah
  • Isaac and Rebekah
  • Esau and Jacob
  • The Family

Grace Gatherings can happen in a range of post-lockdown settings from a couple of families in a garden, all age house-groups, Messy Church activities, or a traditional church setting where people are sitting in households or small groups or any other place you can imagine where a safe and permitted number of people are able to gather. 

Free to download, Grace Gatherings can be a part of your summer, wherever you are and who ever you are with.

We have compiled resources which can help you and your loved ones stay in close relationship with God. These resources also equip all who are engaging in virtual community to stay close to one another.

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